Defending the family

Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio To File Legal Brief defending Little Sisters of the Poor against Obama's bloodless vampires


The issue of the Obamacare contraceptive/abortifacient mandate is again before the Supreme Court on the merits. This case has similarities with the 2014 Supreme Court case in which Public Advocate authorized wrote and filed -- through counsel-- a merits brief -- Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Woods.

The earlier case involved commercial businesses. This case involves religious organizations.

The Public Advocate brief is due Monday, goes to the printer on Friday, and in the final stages today.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said today:

"We don't have much in the way of resources but we must keep in mind what the Little Sisters do with little resources but a profound trust in God every day as they feed thousands all over the world.

I have authorized the cost of this brief due to the deadline being here now.

The court narrowly spared Hobby Lobby in a previous ruling.

The challengers in the current consolidated cases are religious, nonprofit institutions which have religious objections to the contraceptive/abortifacient mandate.

In our brief we will use stronger arguements based on a unanimous Court opinion on a directly related topic which is not being argued at present. Public Advocate will post that brief that Monday.

We can do what we can with our legal support with this brief and I am asking our supporters for their prayers for success.

Amen." (end of Statement)


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