Defending the family

The Gay Lobby's Economic Terrorism

Public Advocate whole-heartedly congratulates North Carolina on their swift action to protect the privacy of North Carolina women and children -- especially the grassroots efforts of our supporters there to support this bill.

And we fully condemn the outrageous attacks currently being leveled at that entire state over their own governance.

Allies of the Homosexual Lobby are already calling for massive economic punishments against North Carolina over the ban on so-called "transgender bathrooms."

These "transgender bathroom" policies are inherently dangerous and a violation of personal rights to privacy. These policies not only expose innocents to mature experiences against any desires of their own or of their parents, but even worse they open the doors wide open for sexual predators.

The Left feels it is appropriate for major employers to threaten the economy of an entire state -- just because those voters and their elected representatives do not obey the dictates of the Homosexual Lobby.

The same tactics were used last year against Indiana, when the Big Money Influence of the Homosexual Lobby robbed Indiana citizens of their right to self-governance.

And the same tactics were just used to coerce Georgia's Gov. Deal into vetoing a bill in his state to defend the First Amendment rights of Christians, pastors and churches.

This is Economic Terrorism.

These threats are meant to unfairly terrorize the politicians and punish the voters, and all residents, of these states to do what the Left demands.

Public Advocate is formally calling on Governor Deal, Governor McCrory and all the legislators of North Carolina and Georgia to stand fast.

"Don't negotiate with economic terrorists. The Homosexual Lobby should not dictate the policies of your state -- especially not over the barrel of a "gun.", " says Eugene Delgaudio,president of Public Advocate of the US, Inc.

Governor Deal needs to immediately repent of his betrayal of Georgia's religious liberty.

Public Advocate is asking all Pro-Family Americans to reach out to these governors and encourage them to stand strong for Family Values and Religious Liberty.

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