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Spineless Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Licks Boots of Gay Lobby Masters

Today March 30 2016 For Immediate Release

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate follows:

Georgia has been betrayed by its governor, Nathan Deal.

Gov. Deal has cowardly thrown Georgia churches and pastors under the bus of 'political correctness' by sacrificing their 1st Amendment freedoms.

Governor Deal's veto of the Religious Liberty Defense Act was not in the best interests of his state, nor was it the will of his voters.

His veto was solely in response to the economic threats of the Homosexual Lobby and their allies.

The Homosexual Lobby has been on the offensive against Religious Liberty lately, as it allows Christians and other pro-Family Americans to opt-out of the Homosexual Agenda and homosexual "marriages."

Georgia's Religious Liberty Defense Act was only a minor measure meant to reinforce the protections American Christians have guaranteed under the Constitution.

But the Homosexual Lobby could not tolerate even the slightest challenge to their power -- and responded with overwhelming threats to destroy Georgia's economy.

Public Advocate is formally denouncing these tactics of the Homosexual Lobby as Economic Terrorism.

And it is unacceptable that Gov. Deal sided with these outside interests over the desires of his own people.

With his veto, Gov. Deal signaled to Christians and the Homosexual Lobby that Religious Liberty will not be protected in his state.

Public Advocate is calling on all Georgia residents to bombard Gov. Deal's office with demands to repent of his betrayal and to take new, concrete steps to defend Religious Liberty in Georgia.

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End of Statement


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