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Could House Speaker Paul Ryan Follow Eric Cantor Into Political Oblivion?

New American reports:

A dark horse who appeared out of the Wisconsin woodwork, businessman Paul Nehlen, was reportedly neck-and-neck with House Speaker Paul Ryan (shown) in the primary polls taken in early July. Pundits pooh-poohed those polls as being unreliable, but Ryan has since adjusted his primary campaign strategy to keep the public from asking him "unscripted" questions, queries that Nehlen keeps raising. Ryan doesn't want to become another Eric Cantor, the former House Majority Leader who lost to a nobody in 2014.

Nehlen suddenly became a national figure and symbol of the country's populist uprising on Tuesday when Donald Trump turned Ryan's words into a quasi-endorsement of Nehlen. Back in May, when asked if he was ready to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency, Ryan waffled: "I'm just not ready to do that at this point. I'm not there right now."

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