Defending the family

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Millie March, 11 Year old Hero

Public Advocate names Millie March, age 11 as Family Advocate. She has spoken to millions of Americans in support of Trump in the 2016 election through a viral video and dozens of TV news network interviews.

Last year, she endorsed Roy Moore in that Senate race proving Moore was a genuine patriot and Chrisitan leader. She was subsequently attacked personally by the lowlife crumb bum Jimmy Kimmel (ABC, Jimmy Kimmel show). Kimmel promotes the emotional torture of America's children for entertainment for many years.

In a time when genuinely phoney actors trained in drama clubs take to the major news networks, it is Public Advocate's recognition of the first genuine young conservative at age 9 and now 2 years later at age 11 who put the entire liberal establishment on the defense: Millie March.

As custom, she attended the Conservative Political Action Conference with her family last weekend and increasingly there are more and more young people in her age bracket speaking out as conservatives and supporters of moral values. We urge parents or chaperones to always be close by as low life crumb bums like Jimmy Kimmel lurk nearby in Washington and no place is safe today.

In our salute to Millie March, our Family Advocate, we post some examples of many of her leadership for this country.

Nearly A million views, the first video:

Later in the 2016 campaign cycle:

This is the Millie March Endorsement of Roy Moore For Senate that Low Life Crumb Bum Jimmy Kimmel decided to cry and attack.