Defending the family

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Joe Rogan

PJ Media's Stacy Lennox says:

"The gatekeepers are very mad. Recently, two of CNN's testosterone-challenged talking heads, Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta, whined about Joe Rogan's popularity and how problematic it was. Stelter asserted that CNN has entire departments devoted to fact-checking while Rogan is a one-man show. Clearly, CNN would be superior for the unwashed masses.

Yet, they prefer listening to Rogan by a factor of roughly 100 compared to most CNN shows, and this worries Acosta and Stelter. The entire segment was so ridiculous that comedian Russell Brand devoted several minutes to mocking it on his podcast, " reports PJ Media.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate awards Joe Rogan our Family Advocate award and Delgaudio says:

"Joe Rogan has done more for American families in recent months by standing for the truth and providing America with honest leadership in the face of powerful enemies in the mass media, in Washington and in the world that want access to truth wiped out."