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Lauren Boebert, Wins Primary

"A great victory goes to Family Advocate Lauren Boebert this week and we award her Family Advocate Award, " says Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate.


Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert handily beat back a primary challenge from state Sen. Don Coram.

As she took to the stage to accept the win, Boebert was introduced as "a mom of four, a restaurant owner, and a professional RINO hunter" to huge applause from the crowd.

"And I hope this is a big, huge message to any RINOs who try this in the future. You can try to get Democrats to influence our election. It ain't gonna work," she told the crowd. RINO stands for Republican in Name Only.

A grassroots effort tried to make Democrats unaffiliated voters so they could participate in the primary, which some thought was the best shot of ousting the far-right Republican.

The first-term congresswoman has been a lightning rod of controversy, but her bombastic, no compromise conservative style continues to have strong support among the Republican base in the Western Slope. In her acceptance, she spoke about Supreme Court victories, Second Amendment rights, abortion and prayer in schools.