Defending the family

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Scott Smith American Dad

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate has awarded Scott Smith the Family Advocate award for his bravery in standing for justice for his daughter in the face of great injustice.

"Scott Smith went to the Loudoun County school board to try to seek a public record of a crime against his daughter. Administrative officials are now in criminal trials for lies and falsehoods duringinstead of performing their respective official duties. Yet these same officials had Scott Smith arrested for simply seeking a public acknowlegement of this crime," said Delgaudio.

Delgaudio hailed Smith: "If this brave father had not stood for his daughter and sacrificed his dignity, America and the world would have never known about the crime against his daughter due to the criminal coverup. Even so-called law enforcement officials think he should be arrested and punished.

"Governor Glenn Youngkin today granted a full pardon to Scott Smith. Thank you Governor Youngkin for this action", says Delgaudio.

"These so-called law enforcement officials who mock Scott Smith then and even today are criminals and should be removed from public office by lawful means", says Delgaudio