Defending the family

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Tom Delay

Public Advocate is proud to name House Majority Leader Tom Delay as April's Family Advocate of the Month. Tom Delay has been a consistent fighter for the American Family during his entire twenty-year career in congress.

While standing up against the radical homosexual lobby and political correctness in general will not make you friends in the main-stream media, it has made him many friends among American families. Tom Delay has courageously stood up against perverted, tax-payer funded, so-called art sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. He has fought for the Family Marriage Amendment and has consistently opposed the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby. In the fight for life in America, Tom Delay has done more than just support policy; he and his wife have shown by their action, their commitment to their principles by bringing foster children into their home.

Now the leftist media is attacking Mr. Delay and his family by trying to invent scandal and controversy, where none exists. They cite his Political Action Committee's decision to hire his wife and daughter as somehow being ethically questionable!

"The same people who have been promoting Hillary Clinton as a future President since she was first-lady, seem to think that it is unthinkable that conservative women have anything to add to their husband's or father's campaigns," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "This is hypocrisy and sexism on the highest level, especially from the Washington Post. Public Advocate believes that there is no better team than a family, and this can be seen by the thousands of successful family owned and operated businesses across America."

Delgaudio believes that it is not only ethical that Mr. Delay would hire his wife and daughter, but rather that it is completely logical.

"Who else is going to better understand the way Tom Delay believes his PAC should be run than his wife and daughter? Who is going to better implement his vision or better understand his goals? It isn't yet illegal to hire your family in this country, although maybe the Washington Post thinks it should be."

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