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Dr. Ben Carson's Amazing Integrity

Brain surgeon Dr. Carson took out and in a simple but elegant language went toe to toe with the President starting at the National Prayer Breakfast.

No other civilian in the entire tenure of President Obama's political life has wiped the floor politically in such a quiet, reserved yet devastatingly effective manner.

President Obama himself was cool about being challenged by Dr. Carson but the national talk show host Michael Savage asked "does anybody know why the President now wants to map the human brain?"

And Mark Levin on his radio show earlier remarked "What does President Obama know about brains when compared to Dr. Ben Carson?"

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio answers Savage's question and agrees with Mark Levin: "President Obama has declared himself scientist in chief and announced his brain study largely because the country has stood squarely behind Dr. Ben Carson's simple but credible reputation as a brain surgeon who gets the whole concept of freedom and religious liberty."

When it comes to taking on the President over his bankrupt policies, it is not rocket science, its brain surgeons that show the way.