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Tony Rohr Former Pizza Hut Manager -- Fired For Thanksgiving

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A Pizza Hut manager got in deep trouble for dishing it out to his superiors - telling them to shut their pie holes.

Tony Rohr, 28, says he got fired for refusing to open his restaurant in Elkhart, Ind. on Thanksgiving because he didn't want to force his employees to miss out on family time.

"I didn't necessarily have to work myself but I didn't want other people to, especially with a two-week notice because everyone already had plans," Rohr told the Daily News.

Rohr asked his bosses who made it mandatory to work Thanksgiving Day:

"Can't we be the company that says we care about our employees and they can have the day off?" he said.

The higher-ups deliberated for about 15 minutes and then asked him to write a resignation letter, he said.

Instead of a resignation, he wrote a letter outlining his problems with making workers come in on Thanksgiving. He said the note made clear that he wasn't quitting but was willing to risk termination to stand up for his employees.

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