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Virginia Democratic Party Official and Defendant allegedly asked about hit man to kill child witnesses

At least the Washington Post is horrified but the rest of the Washington news media is soundly asleep over this disgusting mess that seems to be a pattern with the conviction for violation of a 17 year old intern by a Virginia Democratic Party House of Delegates member becoming a first in a series of Virginia Democratic leaders being charged with committing horrific deeds.

This Virginia Democratic Official alledgedly ordered the killing of his child victims.

The Washington Post reports:

"A former Falls Church Democratic Party chairman, charged with molesting two young girls, talked about hiring a hit man to kill them before they could be witnesses at his March 4 trial, according to court documents.

Loudoun County prosecutors said Michael Gardner, who is scheduled to stand trial for allegedly molesting the girls, approached an inmate about finding someone to kill the girls. The inmate reached out to authorities last month.

In a letter, received by authorities last month, the inmate told Gardner that he knew someone who could "help with ..... the '3 problems' you have pre-trial," according to a motion filed by the prosecution on Thursday, allegedly referring to the two girls and a unspecified third issue.

The letter was sent from the inmate in response to "multiple and specific conversations" Gardner allegedly had with the inmate, according to court papers.

Earlier the Virginia Supreme Court threw out a guilty verdict in which Gardner was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison for the original charges.

"The Virginia Supreme Court tossed out a former Democratic Party official's child molestation convictions Thursday, ruling that the trial court improperly limited testimony by two character witnesses."

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