Defending the family

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Federal Rentboy Raids and Charges Bring "pro-homosexual defense" !

So according to pro- homosexual sites, its okay to jail prostitutes and "johns" when it is traditional man-women illegal activities for the sale of sex.

But if the illegal actions are "homosexual sex for sale" than there is no crime performed and all the charges should be dismissed.

Quite a leap in logic, but that's the new age of law enforcement

Homeland Security raided the offices of for illegal gay prostitution. Which would seemingly only happen with Obama's consent. And now the journalists and gay activist sites are trying to defend prostitution when it's homosexual.

A Website for Gay Escorts Gets Busted by Homeland Security

A website on which male escorts advertise just got busted. The CEO of and six of its employees have conspired to promote prostitution, according to an indictment unsealed by Kelly T. Currie, the acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Glenn Sorge, a Department of Homeland Security official; and William Bratton, the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department.

The Atlantic reporter states in his article:

".....I've seen no evidence presented that has even a single victim. "