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Many other Clerks and Magistrates Ignore Supreme Court But are not jailed.....yet!

The news media is reporting other magistrates or clerks -- dedicated Christians--- refusing to condone gay "marriage".

The number of North Carolina magistrates recusing themselves from performing civil marriages under a new law has more than doubled in recent weeks.
The state court system says it's received 32 notices from magistrates since the law took effect June 11. That's up from 14 in early July and represents nearly 5 percent of the state's magistrates.
Yahoo news reports about NC and other states, in part:
"In Utah, North Carolina, Texas and other states, local governments are shifting responsibilities so that employees who object to gay marriage do not have to be involved with wedding licenses at all.
In this scenario, the objectors' co-workers or other government officials rotate to handle the task, allowing clerks who object to fade into the background and not participate.
(In NC) So far, 32 out of 672 magistrates in North Carolina have recused themselves from wedding licensing and have designated substitutes. "