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210,000 'Gay' rapes in U.S. military: The Real Don't ask, don't tell, PA predicts "female" rapes up

(Original Post Nov. 5 2015, reposted to note that recently discovered military policy ordering female service members to welcome male transgenders will result in similar increased rapes of women as detailed in the below article.)

Public Advocate has reported on this previously here with other studies.

A new study released by the American Psychological Association says male rape is underreported in the U.S. military. A true approximation of the problem may even be "15 times higher than has been previously reported.".........................

The Pentagon's official number of male sexual assaults reported in 2013 was 14,000.

The Washington Times noted Tuesday that APA's findings indicate a more accurate estimate of male MST is 210,000.

"Male veterans who reported being sexually assaulted while serving their country suffered more severe symptoms of PTSD and depression, had higher rates of suicidal thoughts and were more likely to enroll in outpatient mental health treatment than those who were not assaulted," researchers concluded.

The process involved surveying 180 combat veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.