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After Left Unleashes Firestorm, Judge reverses ruling

World Net Daily is reporting:

Backlash against a Utah judge's decision on Tuesday to take a lesbian couple's foster child prompted a quick reversal.

Judge Scott Johansen of Utah's Seventh District performed a legislative U-turn that will put a 9-month-old baby back into the hands of April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce. The decision was made Friday.

"I was caught off guard," Hoagland told KUTV CBS 2 on Tuesday of the initial ruling, WND reported. She and Peirce planned to raise the foster child in the city of Price with two biological children born to each of the women.

The baby had been with the couple for three months when Johansen cited research saying heterosexuals provide healthier environments for children. The family immediately appealed his decision.

Gay rights activists, the Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union all blasted Tuesday's ruling.