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October Family Advocate of the Month Shut Out From Big Brothers for Being Too Moral!

Falls Church, VA --Public Advocate Communications Director Jesse Binnall was interviewed for the Family News in Focus nationwide radio program, after Dan Pritchett, of Bellingham, Washington was shut out of the Big Brothers program because of his faith and morals.

Pritchett, who has been named Public Advocate's Family Advocate of the Month, tells Public Advocate that his interviewer informed him, after an extensive interview process and background investigation, that although the organization had a backlog of over 100 young boys who needed mentors, he was "not a good fit" for the organization because of his background as a Christian and his disagreement with the national organization's policy that forces local chapters to accept homosexual mentors.

"I told them that I believe their policy was inconsistent," said Pritchett. "If you see a problem with putting a straight men (as big brothers to) little girls, why can you not see a problem with putting gay men with little boys?"

Pritchett's interviewer also informed him that his faith could prove to distance him from the children from difficult backgrounds and also told him that as a big sister she would tell her "little" that she thought praying before meals was "silly."

"Not only is Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America putting children at risk by matching them with homosexual mentors, they are now keeping those with a strong moral character from being mentors. These reckless actions only put these kids, many of whom are already at-risk, in more danger" said Binnall.

The Family Advocate of the Month Award is given monthly to Americans who fight for family values while exposing the politically correct liberal elite as the hypocrites they are. The honor is accompanied by a $100 reward. Each year one of the winners of the monthly award will be chosen as Family Advocate of the Year and will receive a $500.00 award.

Public Advocate has been fighting for the American Family as a non-profit, 501.c.4 organization since 1978. For more information please contact Jesse Binnall at 703/582-7924 or by email at [email protected].

Click here to listen to the radio interview.