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Illinois School District's Cowardly Surrender to Homosexual Radicals

The Illinois Family Institute is reporting:

Against the wishes of the majority of community members who spoke at last night's District 211 Board of Education meeting, the district capitulated to most of the Office for Civil Rights' (OCR) demands with regard to the gender-rejecting boy who wants unfettered access to the girls' locker room.

According to one attendee, approximately 80 percent of attendees who spoke opposed any capitulation to the leftist demands of the OCR, and yet within hours of the meeting's conclusion, the agreement with the OCR had been posted on the school website, indicating that the "hearing" was merely for show. The Faustian bargain had already been struck and the school board held the charade of a hearing just to placate community members. Community members never really had a voice in the district's momentous, ignorant, unjust, anti-science, anti-rationality, anti-sex decision. . .

. . . Now that a boy is allowed in the girls' locker room, the district will provide what are essentially uber-tiny locker rooms within locker rooms.

Even locker rooms that exist solely to separate boys from girls can no longer separate boys from girls. Nothing, not even reality can stand in the way of feelings of sexuality anarchists.