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Yuck Video: Donald Trump Kisses Transgendered Man

In the interests of balance Hillary Clinton is not the first candidate for president to produce public kissing of so-called homosexual rights leaders in public (sic).

PREVIOUSLY POSTED HERE AT PUBLIC ADVOCATE FEB. 13 2011 after Eugene Delgaudio protested homosexual rights groups co-sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference (see 39 photos of this action posted here on this website) :


Calm down here. Public Advocate does not have a video of Donald Trump at the Goproud party.
Its not actually CPAC, but we do have an old youtube video of Donald Trump, candidate for president, smooching and grabbing then Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a film short for a "Press Roast" in 2000 which was posted on youtube in 2006 and has almost a million visitors.
The event is 2006 and Trump has a billion news blurbs since then and the views are now over 1.2 million.
Please prepare the barf bags.