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Video: CNN Touts Satanists as Defenders of Religious, Civil, Gay Rights Against Christians

News Busters is reporting:

It may sound like a parody, but CNN Newsroom on Friday actually ran a piece highlighting the plight of Satanists seeking greater acceptance of their beliefs in the predominantly Judeo-Christian U.S. as a preview of this Sunday's edition of This Is Life on CNN.

As This Is Life host Lisa Ling appeared live at the end of the 2:00 p.m. hour of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, Ling ended up recalling the case of a woman who viewed Satanists as defenders of "civil rights" and joined their group as the mother blamed the "imposition of Christian values" at school for her gay son committing suicide.

After recalling that members of the Satanic temple she visited do not literally worship Satan, Ling elaborated:

More than anything, they really are kind of a political action group, and they exist to protest the imposition of what they say are Judeo-Christian values on our political system, in our politics, and in public life.