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"Lawless AG" Herring Disarming Virginia Residents In Face of Terrorist Threat-- Declaring Commonwealth Gun Free Zone

"This seems a bizarre Christmas gift to America's enemies in light of the terrorist attacks on innocent Americans in recent weeks, the unilaterial disarming of private citizens in Virginia through Attorney General Mark Herring's dictates is cause for alarm, " says Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate.

Senator Dick Black calls Herring "the most lawless Attorney General in Virginia history."

AOL and Reuters and other news services are reporting:

Virginia to stop honoring 25 states' concealed-carry gun permits

............(Reuters) - Virginia will no longer recognize concealed-carry handgun permits from 25 states that have reciprocity agreements with the state, effective Feb. 1, Attorney General Mark Herring said on Tuesday.

Virginia took the step because laws in those states are less restrictive, Herring's office said in a statement....................

The change came after a review by Herring's office and the Virginia State Police of the 30 states whose concealed handgun permits are valid in Virginia under a reciprocity policy.

Virginia will continue to recognize concealed-carry permits from Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia..................