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Quest to expose the pedophile Alfred Kinsey and his demented sex ed curriculum

Life Site News is reporting:

Alfred Kinsey. That name ought to evoke outrage. If it doesn't, then you don't know the man, his work, or his legacy.

I am one of those persons who had never heard of Alfred Kinsey, the so-called father of sexual education. I, like many of my generation, went through sex ed at school and never really thought of the reason I was learning what I was learning. My experience was with the Fully Alive program in a Catholic school in Ontario, where I learned about the detailed parts of the male and female genitalia in grade 6 and about masturbation in grade 7. I was a grossed out young girl, but that was the way it was supposed to be, I thought.

Then I discovered Karolina Vidovic-Kristo, and Alfred Kinsey.

This discovery happened in 2013 as I was researching an article I was writing on Croatia and the newly introduced sexual education. As my father is a Croatian immigrant to Canada, I try to keep abreast of current events in the motherland. In 2012, the Croatian government introduced a revised sex ed curriculum which sparked outrage. Sounding the alarm bells with this curriculum was Vidovic Kristo, a respected Croatian television journalist employed with the state public broadcaster.