Defending the family

Donald Trump: Please Host Little Sisters, Kentucky's Kim Davis, Alabama Judge Roy Moore, Santa Claus, US Marine Sterling, Georgia's Kelvin Cochran, others

Dear Donald Trump

and all Republican and Democratic Candidates:

I am asking that you all do more to embrace specific victims of anti-Christian

anti-social, attacks on God and Country as soon as possible.

Please immediately consider hosting at your next political
event the following individuals: any police family member who's
relative has been shot by a thug, any armed force family member
who has lost their loved one in a war or conflict, any victim
of rape by Bill Clinton or any other predator, any person driven
out of business by government regulations or anti-Christian
hysteria directed by the homosexual lobby.

The carnage is never ending in these anti-social attacks. We here at Public Advocate are defending

Little Sisters
Kim Davis
Colorado Baker Jack Phillips
Washington Florist Barronelle Stutzman
Judge Roy Moore
Santa Claus
US Marine and Christian Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling
Parents who want privacy for their daughters in the bathroom
Fired Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

How can any of these victims of assaults be ignored?

On behalf of these particular victims above and all the victims
of anti-Christian hysteria directed by the President and his terrible
assembly of Christ haters, please embrace their cause as your

Through our efforts listed below and in dozens of other cases or examples,
we here at Public Advocate are doing what we can as a non-profit policy group but any of you have done either nothing, something or can do more.

And Donald Trump will make it newsworthy (not an endorsement, just a fact).

Of course, we do have a Presidential survey form for all of you to fill out and I

would appreciate that as soon as possible but that is not as urgent as what I write

about today.


Eugene Delgaudio
President of Public Advocate

(end of statement from Eugene Delgaudio, phone 703 845-1808,

email: twitter @eugenedelgaudio )

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