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RUBIO: CRIMINAL Aliens Can Stay in USA Today!

RUBIO: CRIMINAL Aliens Can Stay in USA

Brietbart reports today Sunday Jan. 18:

"............perhaps the most striking part of Rubio's interview (on a Sunday network TV News broadcast) was his indication that criminal aliens would be allowed to remain in the United States as well.

Rubio's Sunday statement in support of criminal aliens is consistent with some of the most controversial aspects of his Gang of Eight bill, which would have allowed convicted criminal aliens- such as sex offenders and gang members- to remain in United States and become U.S. citizens.....

.......Rubio's use of the word "felon" means that not only would illegal aliens with criminal misdemeanor convictions be allowed to stay, but presumably also means that those suspected or accused of felonies, but not convicted- i.e. are not yet actually felons- would be allowed to remain as well...................

...........The principle Rubio is espousing-i.e. the notion that illegal entry is not in and of itself a deportable offense- wipes away the protections U.S. immigration laws are supposed to afford Americans citizens. That's because, in addition to protecting against crime, U.S. immigration law is supposed to protect against the loss of your job to an illegal immigrant, protect against the sapping of your child's school resources, protect against the draining of your hospital's resources, protect your tax dollars, and protect your political system and voting franchise (giving citizenship to illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children allows them to cancel out the votes of native-born American citizens).

Under Rubio's vision, millions of people could presumably illegally take jobs, petition for government services, fill U.S. schools, receive affirmative action, alter the country culturally, socially and politically, and be involved in substantial criminal activity so long as they don't get don't get caught, tried and convicted for a non-immigration related felony.

This principle is a central pillar of the open borders philosophy, which desires the free, uninhibited movement of labor across international boundaries.

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