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Delgaudio leaves Iowa, Challenges Candidates and Rubio In New Hampshire Today

Delgaudio leaves Iowa, Challenges Candidates and Rubio In New Hampshire Today

Why has the Homosexual Lobby's wealthiest activist just thrown his money behind Senator Marco Rubio for President?

Public Advocate is in New Hampshire asking that question today- in New Hampshire- in every major city.

Volunteers have posted hundreds of large 2 foot by 2 foot signs on four foot wooden stakes that say "Ask Rubio About Ties to Gay Lobby" and "Ask Marco? about Gay Lobby Donor $" at events organized by the Rubio for President campaign.

Included in the "sign wave" are giant red valentines from large greeting cards and craft stores so that arriving guests to the Rubio sponsored events are greeted with the message "Ask Rubio," etc.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said:

We are sponsoring questions to add pressure to all the candidates to 1. answer our presidential survey 2. get him to repudiate the gay lobby demands and 3. embrace traditional marriage laws and defence policies publicly. "

"We are conducting public posting of hundreds of signs, using social media and other means (direct email messages) today through the primary day," said Delgaudio.

Delgaudio also said, " Public Advocate applauds Phyllis Schlafly for asking questions "who are you" to candidate Marco Rubio."

here at this link

And here at this link

Delgaudio Statement on Public Advocate to supporters and the news media:

"Billionaire Paul Singer has a long track record of trying to buy support for the radical Homosexual Agenda among Republican politicians.

He believes he can pay the GOP to delete Real Marriage and Family Values from the Party platform.

Just last year, he went head-to-head with your Public Advocate -- pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pacts of key state representatives.

These payments were made explicitly for their support of the Michigan Gay Bill of Special Rights.

In 2012, Singer's pro-homosexual PAC spent a fortune endorsing radical candidates and anti-marriage referendums in key battleground states.

And before that, Singer paid out over a million dollars bribing state-level Republican representatives in New York for their support of homosexual "marriage."

While his dirty tactics worked in New York, Public Advocate crushed his agenda at every point in Michigan.

His bought-and-paid-for allies were run out of office, his favored candidates lost against pro-Family contenders, and his Gay Bill of Special Rights died without any further action.

But I knew that wouldn't stop him for long.

Paul Singer only gives his support and his funds for one purpose: the advancement of homosexual "marriage" and specialized rights for homosexuals and transsexuals.

Which begs the question, why is Singer in league with Republican Marco Rubio?"


Update: Rubio Dances like a bare-chested male Chipendale dancer in this photo in high school. Just being a high school student? Or is it because he never liked the social issues from a conservative perspective?

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