Defending the family

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Anti-Family Everywhere

It is no secret among pro-family conservatives that the Washington Post is a far-left newspaper with an extreme anti-family agenda. For years they have been on the warpath crusading against the American Family arm-in-arm with the radical gay lobby.

Now Public Advocate is dedicated to exposing the Post's agenda to Americans everywhere, so that they can be aware of the bizarre environment that members of Congress from all over America must endure
here in Washington.

Hardly a day goes by when the post doesn't run an article glamorizing homosexuality and vilifying those with morals who seek to preserve marriage and family.

It's not just in the editorials or the front-page anymore either. The January 4th headline in the Style section is "Partway Gay," and glamorizes the bisexual relationships of teenage girls, who are "experimenting" because being gay is supposedly the in-thing.

"These girls say they don't know what they are and don't need to know," exclaims Post writer Laura Sessions Stepp. "Adolescence and young adult-hood is a time for exploration and they should feel free to love a same-sex partner without assuming that is how they'll spend the rest of their lives."

"Gone are the days when the press simply glamorizes teenage promiscuity," stated Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "A now they have come to the point of encouraging susceptible young children to enter dangerous homosexual relationships with reckless disregard for the drastic moral, emotional, and physical consequences."

Public Advocate encourages all of its members to send a message to the Post that they will not be a part of their attack on families.