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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio On Road to Cleveland, Ohio for GOP Platform Hearings Fight for Real Marriage


Statement from Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate

In a message to supporters, Delgaudio said in part:

The Homosexual Lobby's attempt to take over the Republican National Convention and replace Real Marriage with their radical Agenda has already begun.

Liberals on the Platform committee will team up with Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) refused to vote against the Gay Bill of Special Rights in 2013 (S. 815), when it passed the Senate.........

And not only is Barrasso willing to let the Gay Bill of Special Rights pass into law...

...but he refused to defend Real Marriage when Sen. Ted Cruz introduced the Protect Marriage from the Courts Act (S. 1080) in 2015 in an effort to thwart the Supreme Court's decision to usher in homosexual "marriage."

Now Barrasso is serving as the Chairman of the Platform Committee..........

To repeal the Real Marriage plank, and adopt the Homosexual Lobby's radical Agenda into the official Republican Party platform.

And to make matters worse, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wi) will most likely be Chairman of the convention.

This is the same Paul Ryan that voted for the Gay Bill of Special Rights in 2007 and refuses to bring the First Amendment Defense Act to the floor for a vote as House Speaker.

Clearly, we've got a major battle on our hands.

The Platform Committee will be meeting this week to vote on whether or not they will remove the Real Marriage plank from the platform............

I'll be personally attending both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to fight back the Homosexual Lobby.

I'll be meeting with the delegates in Cleveland, Ohio where I will be delivering petitions and flooding the convention halls with Public Advocate leaflets and banners.

Public Advocate will be running geo-targeted Internet ads, which every one of the 2,472 delegates attending the convention in Cleveland will see on their computers and smartphones. And there will be non-traditional tactics.

I'm planning to run airplane banners across Cleveland, Ohio, urging delegates to protect Real Marriage...........


End of Statement by Delgaudio

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