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Crucifixion of Judge Roy Moore by SPLC and Alabama Liberals

Crucifixion of Judge Roy Moore

Matt Barber at Townhall writes:


Under the "progressive" leadership of Barack Obama and his like-minded "social justice" warriors throughout all levels of government, we have entered an era of lawlessness unprecedented in American history. This is no more apparent than in Alabama where Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court has been unlawfully removed from the bench at the hands of liberal activists on Alabama's Court of the Judiciary (COJ)...............

The COJ's disgraceful actions have resulted in a tremendous backlash among both the majority of Alabama voters, as well as legislators on both sides of the aisle. This has put both the SPLC and the COJ on the defensive.

In a rambling screed written for, SPLC president Richard Cohen betrays his personal vendetta against Chief Justice Moore, his lack of knowledge about the U.S. Constitution and the laws of Alabama, as well as an astounding level of anti-Christian bigotry.

..................Chief Justice Moore further remarked, "I have been targeted for my belief in marriage, a belief shared by the majority of Americans. No one can point to any illegal, unlawful or unethical aspect of my four-page Administrative Order. That order was a status report on the case. A justice should not be removed from office because of a political agenda."


Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate said "Barber observes that there may be legislative action to reverse this wrongful removal by unelected liberals or further correction from an appeal by Judge Moore. Even the New York Times predicts Moore is a continuing force that will not take this without a continuing challenge statewide."

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