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End Of Year Reminder "from" Rachel Maddow: "This Website Makes My Eyes Burn"

End Of Year Reminder from Rachel Maddow: "This Website Makes My Eyes Burn"

It is nearing the end of 2016 and we make our annual request for financial support. Please contribute here at this link. Thank you.

Public Advocate got one of many reverse endorsements, from liberals who hate us*, over the past 35 years from far leftist funny lady MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow, in 2012:

"this crazy Web site that made my eyes burn just clicking to it quickly."

This is a direct quote from her on air condemnation of Public Advocate vice president Mark
Clayton when he won the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate.

Full Transcript here and below

From The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/03/12 (in part)

And in states where one party is not just stronger than the other, but
the weak party has withered and died, it`s hard to figure out a future for
the dead, withered, weak party in our two-party party. I mean, they
obviously get no attention, no support nationally because everybody at
national party headquarters thinks they`re a lost cause. You don`t want to
throw good money after bad. So they don`t get any resources.

Also, though, necessity tends to be the mother of invention. So in a
dead party like that, anything can happen. You can get out of the box
thinking. On a good day, that can mean creative innovation. On a bad day,
you can see a party jump off the kook end.

Speaking of which, did you know there was a primary in Tennessee
yesterday? There was. Democrats in Tennessee got to pick their senate
candidate who would run against Republican incumbent Senator Bob Corker.
This was not a race to be dogcatcher, to head up the Murfreesboro
department of weights and measures or something.

We`re talking about the actual United States Senate, the big dome building in Washington, D.C.

So, there was a Democratic primary in red, red, red, red Tennessee.
And the guy commonly described as the anti-guy conspiracy theorist won the
senate race. America, meet your new Democratic U.S. senate nominee,
Tennessee Democrats picked a guy who says he is against the North American

In case you lay awake nights worrying about the impending merger of
America, Canada and Mexico into Americanadexico. He`s against that.

He also warns those who dare to disagrees with government will find
themselves in a, quote, "bone-crushing prison camps similar to the Russian
gulag or to one of FEMA`s prison camps."

As "Mother Jones" magazine helpfully adds today, there are no FEMA
prison camps.

This new Democratic U.S. Senate candidate is also the vice president
of a super duper anti-gay organization with this crazy Web site that made
my eyes burn just clicking to it quickly. I will save you from the
indignity of that.

But not only did this anti-gay conspiracy theorist win the Democratic
U.S. Senate primary yesterday in Tennessee, he won by a lot. This guy,
Mark Clayton, is his name, got 30 percent of the vote in a field of seven
candidates. And within a day of doing that, the actual Democratic Party
disavowed him because of his association with the anti-gay thing he helps
run which has, after all, been labeled an American hate group.

The party, the real Democratic Party is urging real Democrats in
Tennessee to instead write someone in. Write in the name of any other
candidate when you vote this November, doesn`t matter whose name you write
in, literally anybody but the conspiracy theorist, anti-gay guy will do.

This is the volunteer state, folks. Won`t somebody please step
forward and save the Tennessee Democrats from the guy here to save us from
the gays and our impending merger into Americanadexico.


Original post by Public Advocate here August 23, 2012

MSNBC Comedian Rachel Maddow Empathically Endorses Public Advocate

Eugene Delgaudio reacts to Mark Clayton Victory August 3, 2012

* The Southern Poverty Legal Center spent millions of dollars losing a federal law suit to shut down Public Advocate and during the "legal action" also encouraged a convicted domestic terrorist, and others, to attempt to do us harm and only relented in endangering Public Advocate leaders when a federal judge ordered them to. The late Senator Ted Kennedy told a national publication "They make my blood boil." The list of "reverse" endorsements seems endless.