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OBAMA'S LYING AGAIN - Transgender Policies Don't Help Military!

Eugene Delgaudio,president of Public Advocate, in a statement to supporters earlier said in part:

(Delgaudio Statement)

A retired three-star general is calling out the Obama Administration for corrupting the purpose of the U.S. military and degrading its effectiveness.

Lt. General Jerry Boykin has had it with Obama's "social experiments" within the military.

As a former Chief of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and a member of the elite Delta Force, Boykin knows what the military is really about.

Winning wars.

And he has just one question for President Obama and advocates of the "transgender policy:"

How does "transgender sensitivity training" enhance our military's ability to win wars?

In a nutshell, it doesn't.

Gen. Boykin explained that every time Obama introduces a new liberal experiment, it also means hours and hours of classroom training for our warfighters.

"Every one of these social engineering things comes with a training package," Boykin pointed out. "You need to understand that you're going to force every man and woman in uniform to sit in a classroom and go through hours and hours of classes every time you throw in a new social experiment."

And, typically, they have to undergo this training repeatedly.

So instead of training to defeat our enemies on the battlefield, they are being brainwashed into thinking men and women can change their genders just by changing uniforms.

Or, learning that Christian values and basic biology are wrong.

For Obama and the Homosexual Lobby, the purpose of the U.S. military is to make homosexuals and transsexuals "feel welcomed."............

Obama's new "transgender guidelines" for the military are going to distract and weaken our fighting forces.

Just ask an expert like General Boykin.

That's why it's more important than ever that Public Advocate roll back Obama's radical attacks on American values.

We've already broken the story that Obama lied as President about there being a widespread issue in public schools regarding "transgender bathrooms."

Now the country can also see that he's lying when he says these new guidelines will benefit the Armed Forces."

End of Statement