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William Pryor: Anti-God Backstabber and Gay Special Rights Stooge is bad for U.S. Supreme Court


(First Posted January 3 2017)For Release Wednesday, January 4, 2017 10 a.m. EST

"William Pryor is bad candidate for U.S. Supreme Court"says pro-family Public Advocate group

(Falls Church, Virgina) Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate is sending a message to
his supporters nationwide Wednesday January 4 that states in part:

"William Pryor is not a man we can trust on the Supreme Court. Pryor
is an Anti-God Backstabber and Gay special rights Stooge and we are collecting
petitions in opposition to his nomination and confirmation."

Delgaudio says in an electronic message to thousands of national supporters of his pro-family group "Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc.", today, Wednesday, January 4, nationwide, in part:

"Judge William Pryor is one of Trump's original possible nominees.

Public Advocate opposes Pryor because as a judge, Pryor has a long track record of ruling against Christians and in support of the radical Left.

Judge Pryor led the persecution of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama in 2003.

Moore lost his judgeship then over his refusal to have the Ten Commandments removed from the state Supreme Court.

Pryor especially attacked Judge Moore's continued belief in God and his incorporation of his Christian beliefs in his role as a judge.

A federal court had officially ordered Moore to cease acknowledging God in his role as judge.

When Moore refused to comply, Pryor ordered Moore removed from his position on the Supreme Court of Alabama over this continued belief.

All of this happened despite the vocal support for Moore's stand Pryor had expressed in the years before being appointed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Washington Post even report that Pryor was the primary instigator of the prosecution of Judge Moore.

Just days ago, Pryor ruled that a Florida Middle School has to accommodate a "gay advocacy club" despite the fact that the law in question was intended only for older high school students.

William Pryor will clearly serve as a strong ally of the Homosexual Lobby if he is appointed to the Supreme Court.

Pryor is not a man we can trust on the Supreme Court, and I ask you sign our petition to signal opposition to Pryor." said Delgaudio.

Petitions are being collected at this link

This statement is posted here:

On Line Petitions To Support Pro-family Judges and Oppose William Pryor Collected Here

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Delgaudio further stated:

"It would be a terrible message to Christians and other traditional minded Americans in this country to have someone on the Supreme Court who targets middle school children nationwide for pro-homosexual propaganda and attacks other Judges who believe in God.

I would note that Public Advocate has defended Judge Roy Moore from the beginning when he took a stand for believing in God as all public officials should have the freedom to do and as our state and federal constitution allows.

Public Advocate reps Mark Clayton and the late Jack Clayton, Mark's Father, were at the Support Roy Moore rallies in 2002 and 2003 in Montgomery, Alabama.

PA vice-chairman Mark Clayton met with Roy Moore in 2009 at a "So Help Me God" booksigning.

And Public Advocate has filed a lengthy amicus brief in defense of Judge Moore in his current removal appeal in Alabama."