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Reason: Pryor Like Roberts On "Deference To Federals" Delgaudio: Libertarians And Traditionalists Agree on opposition to Pryor

Reason magazine has commentary opposing William Pryor because he joins long list of contemporary "conservative" judges who frequently side with federal branches on interpreting the law for various philosophical reasons.

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate, "Normally I would not be in agreement with Reason as it is a libertarian source with libertine leanings but their warning on Roberts was the same warning Public Advocate issued: "Don't trust Roberts" and now they are issuing the same warning: "Don't trust Pryor". Both have not used the Constitution in some rulings but "popular wisdom" (sic) in the federal government regulations, so with Obamacare and 8 years of Obama including a recent Pryor decision to uphold transgender rules in Florida, its clear from a libertarian and traditionalist view, do not trust Pryor."

Reason post reveals Pryor leaning, like Roberts, to follow elected branch over Constitution

Judicial deference is the idea that because the judiciary is the least democratic branch of government, judges owe extra respect- or deference -to the actions and decisions of the elected branches of government............In the words of Progressive era Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., one of the Supreme Court's earliest and most influential advocates of judicial deference, "a law should be called good if it reflects the will of the dominant forces of the community, even if it will take us to hell."

Chief Justice John Roberts has taken a similar view. In 2012, for example, when he cast the deciding vote to uphold the constitutionality of Obamacare, Roberts not only cited one of Justice Holmes' opinions, he explicitly invoked Holmes' deferential credo. "It is not our job," Roberts wrote in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, "to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices."

William H. Pryor follows in the deferential footsteps of Holmes, Bork, and Roberts (PA note: towards deference to federal rulings or federal government mandates).

.......Regrettably, judging by his record on these crucial issues, Trump SCOTUS contender William H. Pryor seems to favor the same overly deferential approach.

First Stop William Pryor Poster in Washington, D.C.