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WARNING, VIDEO POSTED: Stop William Pryor Song Lyrics-- "Trump Dumps the Weasel"

Public Advocate is posting a social media contest with the prize being selected as the sound track for a new video on youtube. Volunteers are being asked to send or post tapes to the Public Advocate facebook and twitter pages singing the lyrics of the Public Advocate Stop William Pryor song. The judges will include past singers of Public Advocate songs who have performed on many Public Advocate political theater skits.


Trump Dumps the Weasel

Sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel

William Pryor for the Court?
He's nothing but a weasel.
Instead of nominating him,
Trump should dump the weasel.

Pryor hounded Judge Roy Moore
To make his faith illegal.
Now he'll get his just deserts
When Trump dumps the weasel.


Pryor ruled that middle schools
Must tolerate gay evils.
If only for our children's sake,
Trump should dump the weasel.


William Pryor's not the guy
To occupy a seat so high.
Let him kiss the Court goodbye
As Trump dumps the weasel.