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Number One Political Street Theater Star Dies

(Falls Church, Va.) Members and staff expressed the loss of a key leader
in a statement sent yesterday and released by the President of Public
Advocate, Eugene Delgaudio today, Feb. 5.

Delgaudio said, in part,

"Jack Clayton, a longtime conservative leader and the star in 100
Public Advocate theatrical productions, Free Congress coalition
meetings, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and other
conservative policy forums , passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at age 64.
Clayton was born November 20, 1939 in Smith Station,
Alabama. The cause of death was a massive heart attack.

The family wake is Friday, February 6 at the Jefferson Funeral Home
behind Thomas Edison High School, Friday, 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. and 7 P.M. to
9 P.M. There will be a funeral service Saturday, February 7, 1 P.M. at
Engleside Baptist Church at 8428 Hyland Lane, off Route One, in Alexandria.

For decades, Jack Clayton has been well known in the Washington, D.C.
area for his articulate and strong religious convictions and for
defending the pro-family cause in the streets, in the halls of Congress
and actually whenever he was awake. He made sacrifices on a routine
basis for all of us. He represented me and the views of all
conservatives at meetings at Free Congress for at least 23 years I knew
him. I will miss hearing his voice, and his thoughts and opinions as I
know many others who knew him will.

Jack Clayton defended Private Christian Schools from intrusive over
regulation and was a volunteer in the Presidential Campaigns of Ronald
Reagan, Howard Phillips and Patrick Buchanan in several states. Clayton
gave historic tours throughout Virginia and was a talented lecturer on
constitutional and judicial issues. His tours informed thousands of the
true historic significance of Virginia and the early patriots. He knew
what they thought and why they fought for freedom, in detail.

Clayton was a writer, an activist in dozens of the major legislative or
confirmation battles of the last 20 years, a lecturer, a volunteer and
an active policy spokesman for several conservative issues. Clayton was
active in the Fairfax County Republican Committee and helped elect
several Republican Party Chairmen from 1980 to 1996. And Clayton was a
song writer and leader in political street theater from 1987 to his
passing today.


Clayton wrote and sang a hundred songs in one hundred low budget
productions over the past 16 years. He played an English Bobby police
officer, a train conductor, a buddhist, a prisoner, a pirate, a judge
and Abraham Lincoln. In one of his most famous political acts, he staged
a humourous protest that caused the evacuation of a Senate Foreign
Relations Confirmation Hearing on Canadian Ambassador Paul Cellucci (2001).

Wearing a blue business suit, he proclaimed loudly "I can not stand to
be in the same room as Paul Cellucci", and lead a dozen other protesters
who jumped up and left the hearing at the same time. Reporters followed.

Then-U.S.Senator Helms, who was also Chairman of the Committee,
officially forgave him and decided to be the lone vote against Cellucci
due, in part, to Clayton's unique public appeal.

Clayton led the Impeach Bill Clinton forces and jumped into internet
communications as early as 1997 assisting significantly in the original
impeach President Bill Clinton website and petition drives.

Clayton wore a heavy winter coat in 101 degree summer heat and sang "I
am freezing in a blizzard of (Bill) Clinton lies" when then President
Clinton appeared before a grand jury.

Recently, Clayton led a public wedding ceremony on Capitol Hill.

Jack leaves a son, Mark, a daughter Elizabeth, a wife, Carrie.And an
extended family. "

Here are some online photos from conservative street theater featuring Jack Clayton

From 1997 to 2001, Jack Clayton helped lead anti-Clinton or
anti-liberal efforts at the Citizens Investigative Commission.

Featured on this Home page as a report his visit to Senator Tom Daschle.
The picture is a news conference scene from when Jack led a humourous
protest of the Senate Foreign Service Committee during a confirmation
hearing on Canadian Ambassador Paul Celluci.

CIC Spokesman Clayton Wins Senator Helms Over (April 9. 2001)

Jack Clayton Visits Congress To Defend the Internet (2000)

Jack Clayton Stars in the Haunting of the Clinton White House at Halloween (1998)

Jack Clayton helps explain the "Monica Effect" on Capitol Hill