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Public Advocate brief before U.S. Supreme Court attacks "endless" or "limitless" definitions of sex

In the Glouchester County, Virginia case currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court: from page five of my amicus brief:

" Defining "sex" to equate to "gender identity," the (Appeals Court) panel turned the statute on its head, essentially permitting the DOE to repeal the statute through "interpretation."

One Texas federal judge already threw out the Obama regulations as not pertaining or relevant to any written federal regulation or law.

But the Glouchester case is in a different district, a Virginia federal district and that district, the fourth Appeals Court is headed to the Supreme Court right now.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, thanking his legal team for filing the brief said, in part:

"If you want to understand "special rights" in the current bizarre arguments in public legal proceedings, you have to expand to "limitless" the definition of sexual orientation or gender."

Our brief is posted here: