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The New York Times Lied to Us Before; Why Should We Believe the New York Times Now?

In the opinion of leaders at Public Advocate, "The New York Times is criticizing President Trump by advertising that people should read the New York Times because, according to themselves, the New York Times tells the truth."

Link : Plagarism Beleaguered New York Times Releases "Truth" Ad during Prime Time Oscars

---BUT--- Does the New York Times Have a Record of Truth or Lies?

New York Times prize winning writer, Jayson Blair, got caught making up 100% of his articles. In this case, the New York Times DID NOT tell the truth.

Link: NYT video Jayson Blair Plagiarism

Link: NYT Article Regarding Its Plagiarism, Declining Revenue, and Loss of Public Trust -- people still do not trust the New York Times (thank you Public Editor for the NY Times).

Gateway Pundit observes "If everything else were not bad enough with the other lies of the New York Times, the New York Times is making FAKE NEWS reports about President Trump."

LINK for NYT Fake News:

The New York Times has a bad record of not telling the truth. Why should Americans believe the New York Times when the New York Times has failed to tell us the truth for years.