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Conservatives Must Win the Transgender Battle, For the Sake of Transgenders

Adam Hobbes of Reaxxion wrote one of the more insightful columns I've read on the subject of transgenderism.

It was titled "Why We Need To Fight Against Transgender Acceptance". Hobbes asserts in his work that the greatest danger with the transgender movement is that it forces us to "give up our minds" to accept something fundamentally untrue. This is obviously problematic, and affects issues far beyond public restrooms and who plays on which sport teams.

As Hobbes explains, when one accepts the lie of transgenderism the slippery slope turns into a cliff of despair. Polygamy, pedophilia, zoophilia, and anything else you can imagine will become the next potential battle in the culture war.

One commenter on the Free Republic website asked

Why should 'conservatives' do ANYTHING for folks that are so messed in the head that they don't know why they got what they do below the beltline???

A posted response:

The article says just that. The point of the piece is that by accepting the premise of transgender we are not only destroying society, we are doing damage to transgendered people. He is making the case that it is immoral and cruel to allow transgenders to believe something that is untrue.