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Podesta Attacks Hannity Over Calls To Investigate Seth Rich Murder

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said:

"I salute Sean Hannity and members of the Fox TV news organizations and all members of the genuine truth seeking conservative media who are asking questions about why Seth Rich was murdered. This all came to light due to one devoted private investigator who said publicly on a dozen shows over the last week that there are many questions left unanswered and uninvestigated by law enforcement at every level of the cold blooded murder in Washington DC of a Democratic Party staff member that need to be answered. That John Podesta attacks Hannity and the genuine conservative media proves the heat is where it should be."

From Brietbart:

Hillary Clinton's former campaign chief John Podesta attacked the First Amendment rights of the free press as he continued to spin his conspiracy theory of Russia colluding with American news websites to damage Democrats.

During a conversation with the Washington Post's Karen Tumulty, he cited the "participation and the support of the alt-right media," naming "guys like Sean Hannity" and "disgusting" Newt Gingrich for helping spread "fake news" to hurt Democrats. He specifically criticized Hannity and Gingrich for asking questions about DNC staffer Seth Rich's murder and whether or not it had a connection with Wikileaks.

Podesta explained that it was one more example of how the Russians were "very active in propagating and distributing fake news, working with these alt-right sites in conjunction with them." He also cited an "echo system" created by the Russians that raised the social media profile of articles that were damaging to Democrats.

He pointed out that "legitimate sites" like the Washington Post and the New York Times suffered, as other "alt-right" websites got more traction during the election.