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Minnesota Judge Orders Sex Change for Young Boy Over Mother's Objection

Original Post August 5, 2017 repost Nov. 14 2017

Comment: Judge Roy Moore dated 18 year olds 30 to 40 years ago. He's condemned by today's Republican and Democratic Party leadership but somehow an actual sitting Judge can order a sex change operation for a child as therapy. Liberals are a mental condition.

World Net Daily reports in part:

A Minnesota mother is trying to deal with the fallout of a violation of her parental rights that led to her son being pushed through sex-change treatments without her knowledge.

Anmarie Calgaro is appealing District Judge Paul Magnuson's decision to dismiss her lawsuit over the actions by the local county, school district and health officials.

The Thomas More Society said Magnuson "admitted that the boy was not legally emancipated by a court order and agreed that Calgaro's parental rights 'remained intact.'"

Despite those facts, the judge decreed that the de facto emancipation of Calgaro's minor son by the county, school and medical care providers did not constitute an infringement of her constitutionally protected parental rights.

Calgaro is suing St. Louis County, Fairview Health Services, Park Nicollet Health Services and the St. Louis County School District, among others, with the help of the Thomas More Society.

Her 17-year-old son, identified only as J.D.K. to protect his identity as a minor, was told by a lawyer with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid that he was emancipated from his parents' control and could pursue sex-change surgery without notifying them.

But under Minnesota law, a child needs to obtain a court order to be emancipated from parental control, following due process of the law and the opportunity by parents to contest their child's request. ( Which was never done according to the mothers lawyers).


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