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Video: Protesters Disrupt Public Advocate at White House Today

Protesters crashed and disrupted Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio as he concluded a statement about the reversal of President Donald Trump's standing executive order on transgender policies in the nation's school system by out of control Obama Administrative holdovers in the Department of Education.

Delgaudio was asking for President Trump to correct the intent of a "secret legal memorandum" issued earler by Education bureaucrats and demonstrators started chanting "Hey Hey Ho Ho, Donald Trump has got to go".

Delgaudio said this in part:

"Mr. President, America applauds your leadership and reversals of many corrupt Obama policies that attacked America's children and their privacy through a so-called Transgender bathroom policy ordered by then president Obama. Now, today, a secrect legal memorandum seems to have been distributed without serious public notice or media scrutiny of any kind that reverses your own actions to protect millions of Christian and other morally traditional American families. Please quickly correct this sneak attack to undo your own proper restraint of those who would interfere or otherwise propagandize their anti-traditional family practices on innocents, " said Delgaudio

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