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Lively: Wholesale Boy Rape Gangs At Full Cover-up Mode In Hollywood!

This is the third in a series of articles on the unfolding pederasty scandal in Hollywood.

The first explained how pederasty (man/boy sex) is central to "gay" male culture. The second examined how a conspiracy of political leftists in media, academia and government allowed the truth to remain suppressed for so long.

This article will expose how these same conspirators are even now orchestrating a new cover-up. It will also explain how "gay" recruitment of children through "grooming"" is not only common in the "gay" community, but has been institutionalized in western society so that literally every child is continually being "groomed" as a potential sex partner for adult predators.

Let's begin by addressing the damage control strategy being deployed by the left as they seek to reestablish the cover-up of the Hollywood pederast network. It has just two parts and is very simple.

First (as always with the left), it centers on a common narrative designed to control public perception through carefully chosen terminology and symbolism. In this case, the key term to note is "pedophilia," because it is well settled in public perception that pedophilia is a sickness unrelated to homosexuality in which the gender of child victims is largely incidental.

In contrast, the phenomenon being exposed in the Hollywood Chickehhawk scandal is actually pederasty, which is highly gender specific and has always been intimately associated with "gay"" male culture. (This should be Talking Point #1 for every conservative pundit!)

The larger narrative is "there's always a few rotten apples in every barrel and it's good these few have been exposed but they certainly aren't representative of any larger hidden network or connected in any way to the LGBT community (which is in fact as much a victim of these perverts as those who were abused).".............

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hat tip to Free Republic