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Governor Brown, Obama's policies "blameless" for California Fires, blame Trump and "Global Warming"

An illegal alien homeless criminal is being held on $200,000 bond, first, for alledgely starting giant wildfires that killed 40 people earlier this year. This was later corrected.

Now that wildfires rage all over the Los Angles area destroying 100s of structures and at least one life, is "not" the work of illegal aliens again "who want to be warm" like the earlier accused criminal may have done.

But liberal loon Governor Brown blames President Trump and "global warming".

From Los Angeles Times earlier this year, Oct. 19, 2017:

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan blasted Sonoma County for so-called sanctuary policies that he said has "left their community vulnerable to dangerous individuals and preventable crimes."

......................The controversy stemmed from the arrest Sunday of a homeless man accused of felony arson. Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who immigration officials said has been returned twice to Mexico, told deputies he set a fire in Maxwell Farms Park in Sonoma Valley, where he's been seen sleeping, to stay warm. He is being held on $200,000 bail.

A day later, federal immigration authorities said they lodged a detainer, or a request to local jailers to keep an inmate behind bars for up to two extra days, against Gonzalez.

LA Times:

Breitbart issued a correction based on ICE and other authorities:

UPDATE: Consistent with our subsequent coverage of the California wildfires, this story has been updated to clarify that Jesus Fabian Gonzales is not suspected of the recent Sonoma County fires that killed 40 residents.

Earlier Breitbart, on another "unrelated" news posting (liberals say "unrelated")

Mexican Illegal Alien Sentenced to Prison After Setting Sequoia Forest Ablaze

A Mexican illegal alien will spend 13 months in prison and is being ordered to pay $61 million in restitution after he started a forest fire that destroyed six homes, sparked mandatory evacuations, and devoured over 45 square miles of California's Sequoia National Forest.

Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos, 29, from Michoacán, Mexico, illegally drove off the road in the national park on August 16 with his young son. "His Nissan Maxima got stuck on a berm and his catalytic converter and muffler ignited dead grass," sparking the blaze: