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Jimmy Kimmel Is Just a Little Moron About Impeaching Hillary Clinton Too

Jimmy Kimmel Is a Moron About Impeaching Hillary Clinton Too

Statement from Eugene Delgaudio

Impeachment is not a criminal process but a political process that any citizen can be charged with in the context of the use of the word in the English tradition and in the actual result of action by the U.S. Congress.

A lot of liberals today throw around impeachment like they are the experts. Since I did lead the grassroots effort to demand Congress actually impeach William Jefferson Clinton the first time with one million petitions collected on the newly created internet, liberals are wise (?) not to just cut out history they dislike or just don't want to know.

This quick list of Impeachment sources is for some liberals on twitter: @Heustonmah and @get_crazy__ who replied to one of my comments about the latest hysterical calls for Trump to resign or be impeached. And for other honest liberals and in general confused people who were told by Jimmy Kimmell in a widely distributed broadcast that "you can not impeach Hillary Clinton because she is a private citizen".

Currently due to popular culture you can, sadly, not find historical or academic sources with the word "impeachment" or Hillary Clinton as it just filled with Jimmy Kimmell references or Trump references.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, says "Jimmy Kimmel is a little moron when it comes to the legislative process when it comes to healthcare or any hot topic like impeachment as he simply deludes himself with Democratic Party talking points from today's boiler plate.

Proving him wrong on Impeaching Hillary Clinton for her crimes performed as Secretary of State simply require a Congressional determination that they were, indeed, misled on the performance of her official acts.

It is not improbable due to the unpredictability of the many Congressional actions pushing a Trump impeachment and the consequences of what is and has been for 200 years a political process. Liberals want to hide this possibility from the public. "

So, nevertheless and contrary to a simple google search, please place the words "impeachment process for federal officials" or "impeachment of former federal officials" or "impeachment of judges". 100s of legal, judicial, legislative, academic, journals of opinion on the right and left will be available.

This listing below is only a snapshot of resources available on the possibility of punishing a "now" private citizen who is no longer in federal service.

Impeachment of Private Individuals

There have been many impeachments of "private citizens" (people who are not fededral officials) who performed badly and were subsequently "impeached" and punished with the penalty of being bared from further government service or holding federal office. These include one former federal official and many state officiaLS or state judges.

Who is eligible to be impeached?

The Constitution expressly provides that the president and vice president of the United States may be impeached. The Constitution further provides that all civil officers of the United States may be impeached. "In the past, Congress has ... shown a willingness to impeach ... federal judges and Cabinet-level executive branch officials, but a reluctance to impeach private individuals and Members of Congress."[1]
(source: Congressional Research Service, 2015)

Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio: "reluctance to impeach private individuals" as quoted above can be over-riden by the facts of a case of similar nature in the history of the United States. When it becomes known that an official used their power to hide crimes. This is a common practice for prosecution in other jurisdictions universally that when someone fails to report a crime or by official actions cover up the crime, the former official can be charged when the cover up is discovered.

Back To Ballotpedia:

What other executive branch officials have been impeached?
William W. Belknap (actually a private citizen)

Secretary of War William Belknap was impeached on March 2, 1876, on charges of "criminally disregarding his duty as Secretary of War and basely prostituting his high office to his lust for private gain." The charges were passed by the House even though he had given President Ulysses S. Grant resignation papers earlier that day, and he stood trial before the Senate as a former government official, as agreed to by the Senate. He was acquitted of all charges on August 1, 1876. Following the trial, the Senate agreed not to hold trials for government officials who offered resignation.[11]

Here is link to my 2016 (18 months ago) petition for grounds to impeach Hillary Clinton

Here is Congressman Mo Brook's statement (2016) and see national review 2016 article which is in agreement with Public Advocate's earlier (in 2016) pro-impeachment position

National Review

National Review says in part: "Republicans keep telling us they are "constitutional conservatives." Well, how about it? The remedy provided by the Framers to deal with corrupt executive-branch officials (including former officials who might seek to wield power again) is impeachment, not criminal prosecution."

Public Advocate

No, Hillary Clinton is not Sectretary of state but Congress can impeach her and there are plenty of guides to use.

The penalty is in the constitution: Hillary Clinton would be barred from holding federal office

There are several issues here: removal of president, removal of non-presidents, & punishment officials. Liberals are confused. not Public Advocate.

Impeachment investigations of United States federal judges

Senate removes federal judge in impeachment conviction (2010)

An Overview of the Impeachment Process

on page one of the lengthy book, it is stated that "impeachment" was a process
that applied to all -- as an extra protection for the "country" and was not
a civil but a poltical sanction.

by David Thomas of the Univ. of

Another Listing of Federal Officials Impeached