Defending the family

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Public Advocate Fights Against Gay Marriage in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, VA-Member of Public Advocate join hands on the streets of Fredericksburg Thursday to fight attempts by the radical gay lobby to turn this small Virginia town into an east coast San Francisco.

Radical gays marched angrily on City Hall to demand marriage licenses, but were met by Public Advocate volunteers who oppose their efforts to force their rank version of morality on the American family.

"We refuse to sit idly by and watch these radical activists attack traditional marriage by demanding that families sacrifice their values," stated Public Advocate spokesman Jesse Binnall. "We are glad that the city of Fredericksburg is standing against these bullies and for traditional values."

Public Advocate is a 501.c.4 organization that has been fighting for the American family for over twenty-five years. For more information contact Jesse Binnall at 703.582.7924.