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In Chris Cuomo's narrow little world, Christian beliefs are illegal

Eugene Delgaudio, responding to CNN attacks:

"CNN's Chris Cuomo and his entire gang, just like the squirmy little corrupt liberal leach his father, the late Mario Cuomo, was, has clearly inherited his father's "ability" to convince himself of his own lies and fantasies using upside down liberal logic, " says Delgaudio.

Chris Cuomo's brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo busily hunts down and attacks conservatives in New York but it is Chris Cuomo and his band of anti-Christian God haters who wage nationwide and world wide attacks online and in news broadcasts.

CNN grossly misrepresented Public Advocate on views on transgenders and transgender bathrooms in an online article last week.

In their recent attack on 100% Pro-Family candidates Mr. Corey Stewart (running for Senator from Virginia) and Rep. Kevin Cramer (running for Senator from North Dakota), CNN has implied that Public Advocate believes that all so-called "transgenders" are active pedophiles. Their questions to the two candidates were clearly phrased in just that fashion based on the answers given.

This has prompted Public Advocate to post the following Issue Position to make our position on "transgenderism" perfectly clear.

Public Advocate Contact: Eugene Delgaudio 703-845-1808
Permission to quote in full or in part given in advance.

1) First and foremost, Public Advocate holds to the historical medical opinion that gender is determined by biology at birth, and that issues of "gender confusion," "transgenderism" or any other belief that one's gender is different than their very own DNA is a form of mental illness -- if not just pretend.

Public Advocate sincerely wishes for everyone suffering from the mental illness of "transgenderism" proper medical treatment to get healthy and come to grips with reality.

2) There does not seem to be a direct connection between the mental illness of "transgenderism" and the act of pedophilia. And we have not represented that in any way here at Public Advocate.

Although, there is some cause for concern with anyone suffering from a mental illness.

3) There is a direct connection between legislation/regulations/guidelines that support "transgender bathrooms"* and pedophiles and sexual predators.

What the Left refuses to accept is that there is no scientific, cultural or even legally consistent way to measure "transgender" biology. There is no registration process or centralized database to track or verify these individuals. Even if one accepts the liberal premise that "real transgenders" exist and are not dangerous, there is no way to tell the "real" ones from the predators who merely adopt a role to further their criminal activities. Under "transgender bathroom" rules we have already seen in this country, any predator can use the wrong facility at their pleasure. If someone complains, they simply claim to be "transgender" and that legally makes it alright.

According to the Homosexual and transsexual lobbies, "transgenders" are not restricted as to what clothes they wear or fashions they style their hair in. A fully bearded male wearing normal men's clothing can walk into a woman's bathroom and -- upon being confronted -- legally declare himself to be a "transgender woman" to legitimize it. But even worse, according to the Homosexual Lobby, gender is so fluid that this individual could revert to identifying as a man within mere minutes without contradicting the original story. Predators can use these loop-holes to practice their attacks over and over again, until they find the perfect moment to strike. A pervert can use the wrong changing/showering facilities in a public gym to watch the other sex in their private moments -- and again simply walk away scot-free by declaring themselves to be "transgender." They are protected from the legal consequences of all but an outright assault.

4) Furthermore, even if the "transgender" individuals have the purest of motives, they are still violating the rights of others to not be forced to witness the private biology of the opposite sex. Underage girls have already been exposed to the genitalia of a grown man when he changed in their facility at a public pool. He left without legal ramifications by claiming to be a "transgender woman."

5) Thus, all legislation that supports "transgender bathrooms" opens the door to sexual abuse, assault and rape. While strictly limiting these private facilities along biological lines may make a few mentally disturbed individuals feel uncomfortable, it is absolutely necessary to protect the true rights of the vast majority of children, women and even men in America.

6) Public Advocate opposes all legislation that prioritizes, legitimizes or privileges so-called "transgenderism" and those that practice it -- as we also do for homosexuality, pedophilia and any other form of "sexual orientation." We adamantly oppose protected classes based on personal sexual decisions, preferences, actions or lifestyles. Denying these "groups" Protected Class status does not constitute discrimination -- nor does denying them the special treatment they so often demand.

7) No one has a right to use the wrong bathroom or privacy facility. No one has the right to feel accepted. No one has the right to force their sexual and gender deviations (from the natural and norm) upon the rest of us. People do have the right to privacy. People have the right to not be exposed to unwanted private biology. People have the right to reasonable security in such private settings.

8) Candidates in our 2018 Senate Candidates Family Value Issues Survey were asked if they would oppose "transgender bathrooms" on the grounds that it creates dangerous situations -- as spelled out above.

*"Bathrooms" in this context includes public restrooms, bathrooms, locker-rooms, public-showers, changing-rooms and any other facility traditionally divided along biological lines where members of the public have a reasonable expectation of privacy while performing personal acts such as changing clothes or eliminating waste. It also includes the expectation that one will not be subject to witnessing the private biology of the opposite sex.


COMING: POST ON Child Molestation by Homosexuals and Heterosexuals