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Homosexual Activist Priests Attack Covington Boys- says Catholic League

Catholic League president Bill Donnahue said Jan. 23:

.............Those who weighed in on this story include some members of the Catholic clergy, Catholic lay leaders, and non-Catholics. Some were temperate in their remarks and some were vicious. Some have issued a full-throated apology, while others have offered less than a complete apology. Others are sticking to their guns. Two persons went off the cliff........

...........Three of the most pro-LGBT priests in the nation slammed the students. Father James Martin ripped the students for "sham[ing] and disrespect[ing] a man at the Indigenous People's March," saying that what they did was "not Catholic, not Christian and not acceptable."

Martin later said, "I would like to apologize to them for my judgment of them." He elaborates by saying that "we may never know what was going on inside the hearts of the students." We certainly don't know what they were thinking, and that is because the student at the center of the standoff, Nick Sandmann, never opened his mouth. Phillips was the one who walked over to the student and taunted him with his drum.

It is important to note that we have a very clear understanding of what was on the minds of the black Israelites-they bashed whites, blacks, Hispanics, and gays. One might have thought that the gay bashing would have gotten Martin's back up, but apparently he was unfazed by it. He did not help himself by saying, "despite repeated viewings of all the videos, and reading all the participants' statements, these actions remain unclear." He does not disclose the source of his confusion.

Father Dan Horan, a Franciscan, went off the deep end.

"I'm so deeply appalled and disgusted by the racist, shameful, disrespectful behavior of the Catholic high school students wearing MAGA ("Make America Great Again") hats and harassing a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet. I'm so angry and yet not at all surprised at pervasive white supremacy exhibited."

I am appalled and disgusted that a priest would make such a totally unfounded condemnation of these Catholic students.

He even admits in a later tweet that "even if a third party provoked, it doesn't justify their behavior." There it is. Even if the students didn't provoke anything-and we know they did not-they are still guilty.

Father Edward Beck is a Passionist priest with a passion for liberal-left causes. The second video had zero effect on him. He said his "feelings" are "unchanged," saying the "boys should not have been permitted to wear MAGA hats if they were representing the school." Would Beck have objected if the students were wearing a pro-Hillary hat? Not on your life.

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