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Joke Bill Weld Still Running for National Office

Statement responding to Bill Weld Running for President:

"Some people just love getting national attention and why not Bill Weld. Five people show up for lunch today and he's on Drudge for announcing he is running for president. Weld is a joke candidate who ran with Gary Johnson on the Libertarian party line, a once serious minor party. Johnson racked up 100 self inflicted moronic statements including "What's Allepo" and Weld contributed an actual endorsement of Obama's foreign policy: "Obama is a great statesman" says Weld.

TOWN HALL observes:

"........William Weld engaged in the same Hillary Clinton hind-lick maneuver: "Good friend, nice kid, shared an office during the Nixon impeachment. Real bond, life-long."

And "Did he forget that #CrookedHillary Rodham was fired from the Watergate investigation because of her penchant for lying & even then? He still has a life-long bond with that old, corrupted fraud? Sad, very sad.

William Weld is the epitome of RINO-awful. As governor, he shoved abortion, gay marriage, and big government environmentalism onto Massachusetts. His legacy includes Charlie Baker, a total RINO who thinks it's a good idea to allow men into women's restrooms if they think that they are women. This transgender agenda is played up as part of the "live and let live" mentality, but is actually hurting our society, putting women and children at risk. Yet the Massachusetts GOPe think that blurring genetic distinctions is somehow "progressive."

By the way, William Weld loves assault weapons bans and playing nice with the Massachusetts Democratic Kleptocracy. To this day, LINO Weld has consistently endorsed pro-Big Government, tyranny Democrats over fellow Republicans in Commonwealth legislative races."

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