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Catholic Cardinals: Plague of homosexual agenda has been spread within Church

An Open Letter from Two Cardinals to the Bishops gathered at Rome.

Source: NC Register

A blog poster on Free Republic wrote:

"...........The vast majority of the molestations are done by vile homosexuals preying on young boys. The Cardinals would do well to note that the Catholic clergy and hierarchy are permeated with homosexuals who have a death grip on the Church........."

(Open Letter)
"Dear Brothers, Presidents of the Conferences of Bishops,

We turn to you with deep distress!

The Catholic world is adrift, and, with anguish, the question is asked: Where is the Church going?

Before the drift in process, it seems that the difficulty is reduced to that of the abuse of minors, a horrible crime, especially when it is perpetrated by a priest, which is, however, only part of a much greater crisis.

The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church, promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence.

The roots of this phenomenon are clearly found in that atmosphere of materialism, of relativism and of hedonism, in which the existence of an absolute moral law, that is without exceptions, is openly called into question.

Sexual abuse is blamed on clericalism. But the first and primary fault of the clergy does not rest in the abuse of power but in having gone away from the truth of the Gospel. The even public denial, by words and by acts, of the divine and natural law, is at the root of the evil that corrupts certain circles in the Church.

In the face of this situation, Cardinals and Bishops are silent. Will you also be silent on the occasion of the meeting called in the Vatican for this coming February 21st?................"

Hat tip to Free Republic