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Loudoun, Virginia School Board Kicks Little Girl In Teeth, puts boy in her locker room

The Loudoun County school board voted to first pass a transgender promotion policy and then when offered an amendment to keep a girls privacy policy in place to respect a request from a young girl at the meeting, rejected this request and placed young men in the locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of the public schools in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The young lady, a sixth grader at a middle school requested that the adult members of the school board respect her privacy and not allow boys to come into her private changing room. The board was offered an ammendment and they voted by a majority to ignore the little girls request not to allow men or boys into her sixth grade bathroom or locker room. It was a simple amendment to the passed transgener policy to not change privacy practices for grammer, middle and high schools.

Five school board members voted to remove girls privacy in locker rooms, and bathrooms:

Chris Croll
Beth Huck
Tom Marshall
Joy Maloney
Brenda Sheridan

To register your objections to this policy please write the Loudoun School board members -- all 9 will receive your feedback.

Here's the testimony of the sixth grade middle school girl: