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Federal Complaint: Pennysylvania High Schools Push Naked Men On Female Students


There are at least 787 students at Pennsylvania's Honesdale High School-but only one of them seemed to know about a major change in the school's rules.

The others found out the most traumatic way possible-when they walked into the girls' locker room and found a teenage boy in women's underwear.

For at least one 15-year-old sophomore, the situation was terrifying.

"It was first period," she remembers, "and I had gym class. And I walked in [to change] with all my friends, and while I was putting on my pants, I heard a man's voice. So I turned around, and he's standing there on the opposite aisle looking at me. I glanced down, and I could tell that he was wearing women's underwear and what was underneath it."

(PA note: In high schools elsewhere in Pennsylvania, young girls are being forced to accept young men in their bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, locker rooms and sports programs)

Because of that, these girls are being put in an impossible position, Shaw argues in her formal complaint to the U.S. Department of Education.

Read the full story at Andrew H. Shaw.

(Daily Signal) "Given the culture's treatment of LGBT issues, [she] has to choose between her privacy and ostracism." Now that Wayne County is taking the boy's side, girls are "unbearably uncomfortable"-and not just her client.

Other students have come forward from the cross-country team and said they object to changing in front of him. Parents are worried about "overnight trips and whether the male will be assigned the same hotel room."

Girls aren't using the restroom during school because they're worried they'll run into male classmates. And others are concerned that "the teachers will retaliate" if they bring up how uneasy they are.

Hat tip to Daily Signal, Tony Perkins, Alliance Defending Freedom

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